Mechanically Ferrule Spliced Steel Wire Rope Slings
Meets IS 5245 (Part II) 1971

As per Indian Standard 5245 (Part II) 1971 Mechanical Ferruled Spliced Steel Wire Rope Slings are available from 6mm onwards to 52 mm dia. Mechanical Slings are economical and faster to manufacture, we suggest the use of right quality Rope for longer life. We manufacture slings from the best quality ropes manufactured by leading Rope manufacture in the country. The Ferrules required for splicing Slings are also of high grade quality Aluminium Alloy.

For larger diameter Slings please refer to our specification on ELTECH cold spliced low carbon steel ferrules, which can take Ropes up to 80 mm dia.


A hand splice requires skilled labour and long hours for splicing. Where as mechanical spliced slings is made in minutes with the help of our most modern splicing machine which has a maximum capacity of 1300 tons which can take up Aluminium Alloy Ferrules up to 56 mm and larger sizes in Steel Ferrule splicing method.

The wires cannot unravel and fray while making slings mechanically ferrule splicing system. While hand splicing make cause injury to operates and can damage merchandise.

Mechanically ferrule spliced slings can be easily identified with safe working loads or rated capacity, or any other information which requires to be punched. While hand spliced slings will have a loose tag which may be misplaced or broken while under use.

 ELTECH Wire Rope  Press-Grip Sling For Larger Diameter Ropes up to 80 mm
This is the method we follow while making cold spliced press grip slings


Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5
Prepare a flemish eye
Splice the steel ferrule in a dummy dye
Splice the ferrule in actual dye
Check the proof load on certified testing machine before taking into use
Termination Efficiency
Type of wire Rope
1/4 - 1 96% 93%
1 1/8 -2 92% 89%
2 1/8 & Larger 90% 87%
*Note :
The above ferrules are recommended for use with 6x19,  6x37, IPS or EIPS, RRL, FC or IWRC Wire Rope