DLC 0.5

Clamp for lifting, handling and pulling up of drum cans.

  • By clamping the rim, steel and fibre drum cans and drum cans without lids can be lifted.
  • Drum cans can be lifted vertically and horizontally, and turned over with this clamp.
  • The main body and the shackle are made of die-forged special alloy steels, which are optimally tempered for maximum strength and durability.
  • High-frequency quenching of die-forged special alloy steels gives greater durability to the cam.
    Item No. Rated capacity (ton) Jaw opening (mm) Weight (kg) Remark
    DLC 0.5 0.5 1~18 2  

    Do not lift or more drun cans at once for safety.
      DRUM LIFT CLAMP (Vertical Liffting)
    DLC 0.5V

    Clamp dedicated for vertical lifting of the drum can
    Firm locking by easy operation (by wedging method)

  • The unit enables safe vertical lifting of the drum can.
  • Locking can be easily made by pushing and drawing the grip.
  • Firm locking is realized by wedging method.
  • The lifting ring is so large in diameter as to be directly hooked.
  • The major components are made of high-tensile steel plate, so they are extremely rigid and durable.
  • The main body is of baking finish, and so it is extremely free of rust.
    Item No. Rated capacity (ton) Jaw opening (mm) Weight (kg) Remark
    DLC 0.V5 0.5 2~3.5 9  
  • Applicable drum cans
    JIS Z1611 type: H class and M class (with 600^ lid), and the drum can with a lid of 500 to 700 in diameter and with a chime hoop of 2 to 3.5mm in thickness (Vertical lifting is enabled only when the lid is 600 ø.)

    You cannot lift the drum can with no fringes
    You are not to use this unit to raise the drum can.
      BALANCE for Drum lift clamp
      DSB 1S

    Balance designed for drum lift clamp
  • Lifting width between 2 points( L1 L2)

    Item No. Rated capacity (ton) T L L1 L2 Weight (kg) Remarks
    DSB 1S 1 100 675 615 445 6