Some advantages of our Quality

1) ELTECH are Close Die Drop Forged Shackles, even the Pins are Close Die Drop Forged made from selected Alloy Steel Materials.

2) ELTECH Shackles are having permanent embossing markings from Die Forgings process & LOGO, WLL & SIZE is seen on the face of each & every Shackle, A close die Shackles assures clear lettering, superior grain flow, consistency & dimensional accuracy.

3) The Design Factor for ELTECH Shackles is 1:5 which is known as theoretical reserved capacity, the calculation is based on by dividing the catalogue ultimate load with the Working Load Limit.

4) ELTECH Shackles are having full line identification, traceability of raw materials chemistry & properties is confidence of our product, each shackle is quenched & tempered for reliability and consistency thus allows the toughness to the shackles and reduces the risk of Brittle catastrophic failure.


There is slight abrassion on the Pins & Body at 1:4 loading otherwise the Shackle remain intact. Only the pin & body is Slightly Deformed under loading at 1:4 times

1) Others are Hand Forged to give shape or are Semi Forged type thus dimensional variations are observed, Forgings are made from High Tenstile Steel or sometimes Alloy steel Pins are used & Body of the Shackles are of High Tenstile Steel.

2) Others are merely forged and sometimes the ears of the shackles are forged utilizing an open forging process thus increases the pin hole clearance this type of forging allows inconsistency & effect the overall dimensional accuracy, these are not seen with any permanent markings except sometimes body may have size & WLL marked or Hard punched for identification, they don't carry any manufactures LOGO.

3) The design factor of these shackles are only 1:3 hence the reliability is not achieved thus catastrophic failure is possible under ultimate loads.

4) Since these shackles are not selected from proper steel they undergo diversify tempering process hence resulting in possible Brittle failure.


Observe the Pin has left the alingment of the body which
is Narrowed down at 1:3 loading.
Completely distorted at 1:3 times loading,
Breaking is observed at 1:4 times