SUPER-EC Electric Chain Hoist

Application : Electric chain hoist with EC-Trolley is developed based on Japanese technology, with the features of compact structure, light weight, easily operation and nice appearance, especially the unique phase error protector, which significantly improve the reliability of the EC-hoist. The EC-hoist with EC-trolley is used widely in factories, miners, ports, shopping centres and warehouses, it can be used together with cranes as a integrated part of a overhead craning system, acting as an efficient equipment. We promise that our EC-hoist with EC-trolley improve working efficiency greatly.

Features : 1) Safe and reliable: a) EC-hoist with EC-trolley quipped with a phase error protector, the power supply will be automatically switch off if wrong connection occurs, so the device can prevent the motor breakdown in a wrong-direction, b) Limit switch devices fitted at both top and bottom ends, switch off power automatically to stop the loading hook when it reach to the top or bottom limit.
2) Compact and updated hoist structure, a) Pressing steel structure, instead of the traditional casting one, presents a beautiful, compact, small and light body. b) The gears are designed three-stage, and the front two-stage gearing in helical structure, which guarantee a stable running and minimum noise.
3) High strength parts and components, a) The main parts and components are made of high glass alloy steel, and thoroughly special machined andheated- treated, high strength and wear - resistant featured, b) Top and bottom hooks are made of high tensile alloy steel, superior durability resulting from a strengthened heat treatment, guarantee the hook a ductile deformation instead of brittle breakeven when hooks beyond the rated load greatly, c) Chain container keeps the load chain from dirt and dust and chuck while falling down.
Technical Data:
MODEL Capacity (ton) Test load (ton) Stand lift height (m) Load chain size (mm) Load chain falls (n) Hoist motor capacity (kw) Trolley motor capacity (kw) Hoist speed (m/min) Travel speed (m/min) I-beam BG 706-88 N.W (kg)
EC 0.5 0.5 0.63 3 7.1X21 1 0.8 0.2 5.8 20    
EC1 1 1.25 3 7.1X21 1 1.1 0.3 4.3 20 12.6a~28a 84
EC 2 2 2.5 3 7.1X21 2 1 I 0.3 2.15 20 12.6a~28a  
EC 3 3 3.75 3 7.1X21 3 1 1 0.4 1.43 15 20b~45b  

Technical Data:
MODEL POWER (V) Frequency (Hz) Current without load (A) Current under rated load (A) Working efficiency (%) Motor start times (n/min)
    EC-hoist EC-trolley EC-hoist EC-trolley EC-hoist EC-trolley EC-hoist EC-trolley
EC 0.5 415 50 2   2.5   40 40 240 240
EC1 415 50 2   3   40 40 240 240
EC 2 415 50 2   3   40 40 240 240
ECS 415 50         40 40 240 240
Installation instruction:
1) Installation and test operating for EC-Trolley a) Install the EC-Hoist to a support structure (refer to Appendix3) Undo the split pin, slotted nut, thick spacer, thin spacer and hex nut on the travel sleeve, b) Put left-side wheel assy and right-side wheel assy on an I-beam, centre hanger then add thin spacers and thick spacer through hanger against its side plate, then fasten the slotted nut, insert split pin in place at least, c) Be sure left 2-3mm free-room between travel wheel and edge of I-beam (refer to Appendix 3). d) It must left 0.5—1 mm free- room between I-beam and travel sleeve.

2) Installation instruction for EC-hoist: a) Install the top hook of EC-hoist through the hook-plate of EC-trolley, check the safety latch whether it is normal, b) Correctly connect the EC-trolley and EC-hoist with EC-wires, (refer to appendix 4) and check the switch, including buttons.

3) Test the installed EC-trolley, a) First, switch the power (AC 380v, 3-phase, 50hz), push the LIFT buttons the EC-trolley move lift-forward and push RIGHT button right-forward. If the EC-trolley still stay there, please check the EC-circuit before next step. B) Until the EC-trolley moves smoothly can hoist apply to hoist load. If the product shakes and impacts obviously, please eliminate these abnormal conditions before lifting load. Operated without load for 15 minutes to ensure the running is ok, same procedure should be given to a hoist which has been out of usage for a long time.

1) Installation and test operating for EC-hoist: a) Install the hoist to a support structure, switch on it, push the UP or DOWN button, then watch the running direction of load hook, if it moves following the button indication, it means the wires are rightly connected to power supply, otherwise, the connection failure, please correct it by exchanging any two wires' connection, b) Before operating a new hoist for its first lifting, it should be operated without load for 15 minutes to ensure the running is ok, same procedure should be given to a hoist which has been out of usage for a long time.

Frequency: The motor for hoist is Model S4 short time working system for lift purpose, with maximum start of 240/hour.