Strong, robust, sturdy and built to very high standards.
Fitted with 360°, rotating, forged steel hook.
Compact and integrated hydraulic system.
Heavy duty thrust bearings and taper roller bearings on steering assembly for easy manoeuverability.
Five speed variable displacement hydraulic hand pump with replace cartridge valve inserts and built in relief valve to protect agi overloading.
Heavier loads require a larger lifting effort. Appropriate lifting speeds could be selected to keep the lifting effort at suitable level.
The pump is fitted with a automatic pressure compensated low* control valve to prevent sudden lowering of the load.
The hydraulic cylinder is connected directly to the pump manifold. There is no hose pipe connection, thus, reducing the chances of damage due burst or cut hose.
A top of stroke bypass prevents top jamming of the ram at the maxir elevated position.
Hard chrome plating on the hydraulic ram protects it from corrosion rust.

All dimensions are in millimeters (mm), within + 10mm. In view of our constant endeavor to improve the quality of our products we reserve the ri< to alter or change specifications/designs without assigning any reason whatsoever
Hydraulic Stacker
Model Capacity KG. MT1015 1000 MT1029 1000
Load Centre "C" mm 585 585
Maximum Fork height "H" mm 1600 2885
Lowered Fork Height "h" mm 88 88
Fork Width "D" mm 160 160
Fork Length "L " mm 1170 1170
Over all Fork Width "E" mm 540 540
Lifting Height Per Stroke   mm 22 22
Ground Clearance "X" mm 25 25
Front Road Roller   mm 80x75 80x75
Steering Wheel   mm 150x55 150x55
Overall Length "A" mm 1670 1670
Overall Width "B" mm 680 680
Overall Heiqht "F" mm 2020 1985
Nett Weight   KG 230 305