Manufactured as per specification No. 5604-1970 for Universal Gearless Hand operated Pulling and Lifting Machines and also conforms to European Federation of Mechanical Handling Classification No. 931.042

Special Feature:
CHACK is a portable machine with a multitude of uses. With minimum efforts, all sorts of operations can be performed easily-pulling, lifting and lowering.
Any length of rope can be used in a CHACK: it is always under the control of your operator. Lifting and lowering are manually controlled to a fraction of a cm.
The complete unit can be carried and operated by one man and, due to its ease of operation, no special skill is required. Owing to the rugged construction of the CHACK, little maintenance is needed. A full range of accessories extends the usefulness of the machines.

Other Important Features:
* Compact Body, light weight with high factor of safety.
*Portable, unlimited Rope Travel, Rugged and Modular designed construction, with low maintenance.
* Operated by one man, Under full control of operator, hence Lifting and lowering can be controlled to a fraction of a centimeter. With unlimited vertical, horizontal and oblique uses.
* Pulling, lifting and Lowering with no oblique uses.
* Can be used as a Winch with multipurpose mounting positions, with the help of a sheave Pulley Blocks to increase lifting & Pulling Power.
* Can be used in the following industries: Civil Defence, Rescue, Army, Mining, Transport, Forestry, Agriculture, Sugar Mills, Power Plants, Air conditioning Plants, Ship Building, Ship Breaking, all types of industries, Nuclear Power Plants, Electricity Boards, Telephone, Gas Water Pipe Line, Civil & Steel Construction, Naval and Defence Industries, Elevators, Facade Work (Cardies erection) and at confined places.
* Every Machine is checked throughly by a competent person, before Despatch.
  Out Standing Features:
Jaw Grips: Drop forged from alloy steel, precision machined and heat treated tp prevent rope slip.
Jaw Links: Made of alloy steel and heat treated to resist wear.
Anchor Hooks: For T-7, TU-20, and T-13 are of drop forged steel designed to withstand shock and surge load of several times their valid capacity.
Side Cases: Pressed from Steel Sheet cold draw deep drawing quality duly electro galvanised capable of withstanding several times the working tensiles stress Hooks fitted with Safety Catches tp prevent accidental release.
Superflex Wire Ropes: Bright draw, galvanised high tensile steel wire rope specially constructed within close tolerance having a mixed combination core for better flexibility.
Bearings: Graphatised nylon bearing requires no lubrication, used in T-7, T- 13 and TU-20, Antifrictional ball bearing are used in T-35 to bear heavy load and reduce the effort.
*** Every CHACK machine is subject to very severe quality checks and proof test of 100% of SWL and Dynamic over load test of 50% of SWL.
Four Distinctive Models
MODEL T-7 T-13 TU-20 T-35
Weight (Approx) 7 kg 17 kg 18 kg 26 kg
Dimensions (Approx.) 50x23x10 cm. 62x30x15 cm. 65.4x4x36x14.2 cm. 72x32x14 cm.
Capacity (SWL) Lifting 750 kg. 1.6 Tonnes Tonnes 3.2 Tonnes
Pulling 1250 kg. 2.fci Tonnes 3 lonnes 5.2 Tonnes
Length of telescopic handle (Approx.) 50/73 cm. 65/108 com. 77/121 cm. 77/121 cm.
Effort (Approx.) 30 to45 kg. 50 kg. 47 kg. 60 kg.
Run of Rope per return stroke (Approx.) 60 mm 55 mm 52 mm . 25.40 mm
Diameter of rope (Approx.) 8.3 mm 11.3 mm 11.3 mm 16.3 mm
Weight of Rope (Approx.) 0.280 kg/m 0.548 kg/m 0.548 kg/m 1.050 kg/m
Breaking Load of Rope (Approx.) 4.5 Tonnes 9 Tonnes 9 Tonnes 16 Tonnes
Length of rope (Standard) 10 meters 20 meters 20 meters 10 meters
    ISI-Marked ISI-Marked ISI-Marked